Termovar PRO

TERMOVAR PRO the factory that manufactures thermal power and process equipment as well as metal processing business.

TERMOVAR PRO is extremely young business entity which was established in 2005, but due to changes in the ownership structure in its current form has been operating since 21.10.2008. Although the market we operate short, so far we have left behind more than 100 companies with whom we work constantly, satisfied our products, reflecting the quality of our products and services.

Today TERMOVAR PRO one of the leading manufacturers in Serbia in the field of thermal energy. Our products are an integral part of many thermal power plants and its appearance, quality and characteristics are recognized in the market. We are also recognized and the short terms of manufacturing and reasonable prices.

Since 2005, our product range is now enriched and production torispherical heads, and we with it rounded production process tanks and pressure vessels. The process of making heads use the method of forming the cold on the principle BOLDRINI. Also, many companies engaged in similar jobs implanted our bottoms on their products.

Our product range includes products and equipment for the petroleum, chemical, food industry and power plants. The main products are:



- danca prečnika do 2900 mm i debljine lima do 10 mm.


Hidrostatički rezervoari

- rezervoari za vodu i sve vrste tečnih goriva, za podzemnu i nadzemnu ugradnju sa i bez grejača


Posude pod pritiskom

- posude pod pritiskom svih vrsta i namena


Ostali proizvodi

- ostali proizvodi metaloprerađivačke industrije